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Hi, welcome to my blog. It is my n-th attempt to develop a website and share my random thoughts. 

Working as a civil engineer in Hong Kong is a fascinating experience, as one can see his design evolving from preliminary concept to the detailing of every single element, and eventually being constructed and becoming a reality, all within a few years time; the same may take decades in other places. My work has also brought me to different countries and allowed me to have a taste of foreign culture and lives. Despite calculations and numbers occupy a large proportion of my work time, my job has led me to develop a way of thinking which could be quite different from my peers, who excel in all sorts of professions like finance, music, teaching, law, medicine, etc… I therefore wonder if it would be interesting to write them down, share with the others, and hopefully receive some feedback.

If you find my posts useful / funny / encouraging, feel free to share with the others, otherwise do drop me a comment telling me how bad they are. For very harsh words :P, I suggest you sending me an email to postmaster@jackyiu.com.




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